Youth Entrepreneurship for Digital Future

The challenge is related to build opportunities for young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills and mind throught digital solutions. Opportunities are critical for entrepreneurship, and its identification is a precondition to the existence of entrepreneurs. Identifying opportunities capable of addressing an unsolved problem or need is the very first step. Searching for new opportunities is a very contextual-dependent activity, as opportunities are shaped by external circumstances and by the characteristics of a community. Further, under the presence of the same concrete circumstances, different people can perceive opportunities differently. The ability to seize opportunities is influenced by several personal factors, such as previous education, past experiences, values and attitudes.

The identification and generation of new ideas require individuals a permanent state of alertness, but also demand creative thinking. Once again, cultural, social and personal contexts play an important role in foster or neutralize idea generation.

A recent trend observed in many European countries is the use of new technologies to attract and bring people together to generate new ideas or mobilize resources.