Gabrovo, 2018


Can we solve effectively, efficiently and sustainably a considerable societal problem through SOCIAL INNOVATION? An answer to this question will be sought by Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2018 that will take place from 4 to 6 October in Gabrovo. The organizers – Gabrovo District Point and Gabrovo Municipality chose the venue to be the Funny houses or The house or Humour and Satire to tickle, make laugh, inspire and provoke the participants for non-standart solutions, creativity and even audacity in their proposals.

Business and social entrepreneurship

Today’s young people are as concerned with making a positive impact on the world as they are with making money. A whopping 94% want to use their skills to benefit a cause. Meanwhile, only half of young people have confidence in the free market system, down from 80% just 15 years ago.

Silver Economy

The Silver Economy is dedicated to the elderly in our societies. As its name suggests, the Silver Economy is not a “market” but a cross “economy”.

Young people in social innovations

It’s our job to demonstrate with our examples how we hope others to behave.

What is Social Innovation?

Green innovations

It’s no secret that we need to make significant changes if we’re going to preserve our planet. As humans make more of an impact on the earth, the planet is changing in significant, alarming ways.

Education of the future

Technology is already sweeping through classrooms as educators and developers create more and more products designed to enhance education.

City branding and Urban environment

Within the Camp, the challenged participants will look for an answer of the following questions:

What do we know about Gabrovo and in what way do we want to be recognized by the people – nationally and internationally?