City branding and Urban environment

Innovation Camp 2018

Within the Camp, the challenged participants will look for an answer of the following questions:

What do we know about Gabrovo and in what way do we want to be recognized by the people – nationally and internationally?

How the city has been communicated through its nature, history, museums /House of humour and satire museum, Ethnographic open – air museum Etara, National museum of education, Interactive museum of industry, Regional historical museum, Bozhentsi architectural preserve/ and events /Carnival, International fair of crafts, Humour biennial/?

What kind of stimulus could be used in order to create more vivid and pulsing image of the city?

What is the process for making of communication strategy and city branding?

What kind of expertise and research should be adopted to manage that kind of process?

What kind of priorities and common aims do we share for the development of the city?

The signs of the physical environment and how does it corresponds with the public image we create? How does it affect the life of the locals? Is the city attractive enough for tourists?

Gabrovo is a long and narrow city, situated along the banks of Yantra river. With its 25 km of length, the city is quite challenging for the participants to come up with realistic urban decisions, within the frames of the two days event. That’s why they will focus on the riverside alley, close to the House of humour and satire, working on different tasks and looking for the good and bad examples for places, events and even mentality.

Margarita Dorovska

Director of Humour and Satire  Museum