Bauhaus in Re/Co-designing the Cities
Urban revitalization through financial and non-financial invcentives

The challenge is related to the practical issues of how to enliven an inner-city area, where all the actors involved (public sector, businesses, creators, NGOs and the citizens) can find the adequate stimulous to implement revitalization measures in District 6 – the oldest neighbourhood in the city of Gabrovo with a concentration of cultural and historical heritage located in the very heart of the city center.

The challenge is to develop feasible ideas for urban revitalization of District 6 encopmassing all specific features of the place and combining the aspects of design of the urban environment, sustainability, inclusion of all stakeholders and affordability of measures. How to get all parties engaged, what kind of governance must be applied and what kind of incentives (financial and non-financial), what kind of processes can be taken into action?