How to innovate 21st-century education so as to match the ambitions and goals of local smart specialization strategies?
How to unfold the cities’ smart potential and transform them into attractive and inviting ecosystem? Is this possible in a "lagging region" context?

Turn education into a competitive advantage by encouraging creativity, entrepreneurial skills, risk taking adaptability and innovation capacity, problem solving skills, skills related to effective teamwork and sharing information and knowledge.

How to prepare young people for jobs that don’t exist yet, using technologies that haven’t even been invented and for which competition will be global?

Design the education ecosystem that grows Europe's young innovators


Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of regions and cities and the move towards open innovation, within a human-centered vision of partnerships between public and private sector actors, universities and citizens

Let’s work together to design vital, intelligent & inclusive cities. Better linking smart specialization with the Urban Agenda of the EU

How to promote Regional Innovation ecosystems

Create the city of inclusive prosperity: balance the environment protection, economic development and social equity