Ivanka Kehayova – Gabrovo Innovation camp in my heart

Ivanka Kehayova

Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2016 was an incredible experience for me. It was an event full of young souls, fresh minds, creative people, and excellent organization. Participants from numerous different countries and cultures were gathered in Gabrovo. I could feel the spirit of the town – a spirit that is specific, a spirit that is unique. Gabrovo humour should be felt with heart to be felt in mind.
As a Bulgarian who has not visited Gabrovo for about fifteen years, I was amazingly surprised to realize that people from Gabrovo are not stingy as I thought (because they cut the tail of the cat in order to keep up the heat in the room). Actually they are innovative people. Their sense of humour seemed strange to me till the moment I got it. It is hardly a coincidence that the first Innovation Camp in Bulgaria is held in Gabrovo.
Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2016 is in my heart because of the town of Gabrovo. There I could feel the vividness in the air when I walked around the long narrow streets. There I could feel the heart beatings of the local people dancing Bulgarian folklore in the square. There I could see high green hills which surrounded that cosy place and filled myself up with fresh powerful energy.

Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2016 is in my heart because of the Innovation. Innovative, productive, creative, intelligent, and unique ideas, visions, challenges, and solutions were born for two days. For sure they could be adjusted and carried out in Gabrovo and its vicinities because the authorities have decided to improve the citizens` life.

Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2016 is in my heart because of the Camp. A superb work environment could be felt in the first Bulgarian secular school. The organization of the Gabrovo Municipality`s civil servants was on top level, mentors and facilitators were rather capable and useful for the rest of the participants.

Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2016 has its special place in my heart and it will thrill me for quite long time on when I remember, hear, see or catch anything of Gabrovo. First of all because the town grabbed me as soon as I arrived there after so many curves in the marvelous nature. What is more, the key word Innovation was deeply knitted in participants` minds and it gained my respect and admiration. We all strived to be as innovative as possible. A productive clash of different ideas, different points of view, different backgrounds, different values, and different aims was gathered by the Camp. And last but not least, Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2016 was a place of free thinking, using imagination, taking initiatives and accomplishing tasks. These three words Gabrovo – Innovation – Camp are very close to my heart. I can still remember the atmosphere hinting of competition and cooperation at the same time.

Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2016 in my heart is experience of new friends, visions, dreams and emotions. Keep on dreaming, be innovative and never give up – this is written on the stamp of my heart from Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2016.

P.S. Do you know why you cannot see the entrance fee list in the tourist places?

Because people who collect entrance fee hide the list from the tourists.