Бизнес и социално предприемачество


Today’s young people are as concerned with making a positive impact on the world as they are with making money. A whopping 94% want to use their skills to benefit a cause. Meanwhile, only half of young people have confidence in the free market system, down from 80% just 15 years ago.

Against this backdrop, social enterprise has taken off as a new formula for success, combining capitalism with a do-gooder mentality. These self-funding, for-profit businesses also have a mission to tackle global issues such as alleviating hunger, improving education, and combatting climate change. To achieve their high-minded goals, the companies might fund specific programs, partner with governments or existing philanthropic entities, or follow a one-for-one donation model, and work on either the local or international level.

Here are five reasons why we believe social entrepreneurship is the new business model:

  1. It connects you to your life purpose.
  2. It keeps you motivated.
  3. It brings you lasting happiness.
  4. It helps you help others discover their life purpose.
  5. It is what today’s consumers want.


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